Laboratory measuring station for switch measurement

PC-controlled laboratory workstation for easily and user-friendly perform torque/angle of rotation/contact measurements as well as tensile/compression force and displacement/contact measurements on analog and bus-coded switches.

Lifetime test system for accelerator pedals

System used for simultaneous automatic service life testing of up to four accelerator pedals. On a base plate there is the holder for the specimens and the operating units. The drive is integrated in the test fixture. The complete system includes a climatic chamber with which ambient temperatures of -40°C to +120°C can be simulated.

Lifetime test for height-level sensors

This system enables the automatic life testing of up to seven height-level sensors. For easy handling, the specimen holders are located in the test fixture next to the arranged one another. All actuating and drive elements are also included in the protective housing. In the associated climatic chamber, ambient temperatures of -40 °C to +120 °C can be simulated. The extensive measuring and testing technology is used in a separate rack.

DS03, 3-axis control for service life test

The universal controller is used in combination with a mechanical device to carry out lifetime tests. The device can be equipped with up to five switches. A wide variety of test devices with up to 3 actuating axes and position feedback can be operated on the universal controller via a plug interface.

MP-WIN Lifetime test for switches and sensors

Automatic test system for testing the service life of up to five steering column switches or steering angle sensors. The system consists of a mechanical testing device which is actuated via a 5-axis control by means of servo drives. The measuring and testing equipment is located in a separate switch cabinet.

Lifetime test of steering torque sensors

Automatic test system for lifetime testing of up to five steering torque sensors. The mechanical movement is carried out via a 6-axis control system in which the rotation and torsion of the steering column are simulated.

Testing tachometer sensors

The pneumatically operated system is used for the end-of-line inspection of tachometer sensors on a Hall effect basis. The scope of testing includes the inspection of the installation, the inspection of the assembly quality as well as the electrical test. The discharge of the n.o.k. parts into the lockable container is monitored via a fork light barrier. The system is loaded manually by an operator.

Test station for TCM with integrated steering angle sensor

The system is used for manual testing of top column modules/steering column switch modules. The system is fed via an assembly line, which provides the specimens on a workpiece carrier including its own data memory. The system consists of the belt section, the working table including testing device and the control electronics located below the belt section.

Automatic test cell for testing engine sensors

The system is used for fully automatic end-of-line testing of crankshaft and camshaft sensors on a Hall effect basis. Different specimen types are automatically recognized and tested. The system is fed via an assembly line, which automatically feeds the specimens to the table on a workpiece carrier including its own data memory.

Fully automatic test line for car bumpers

The test line is used for end-of-line testing of completely assembled car bumpers and is intended as the last portal before just-in-time dispatch to the end customer. The operator is only responsible for manual loading and unloading of the bumpers. The subsequent inspection is fully automatic. Built-in cameras check the installed components and variant features after feedback from the production flow system. The subsequent electronic inspection examines the installed sensors and electronic components for presence and function.