• Terascope - The ultimate solution for measuring multilayer paint thickness & radar properties by using Terahertz

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A new era in material characterization of multilayer materials

Terascope - Multilayer

Multilayer measurement & variety of materials

  • Up to five levels with one measurement
  • Individual determination of the thickness of the layers
  • A variety of materials can be measured
Terascope - Radar characteristics

Measurement of radar characteristics

  • Radar transmission (+/- 0.1 dB)
  • Radar reflection (+/- 0.1 dB)
  • Takes place in parallel with the measurement of the paint layer thickness
  • The radar measurement can be output separately for each layer

Effective and Efficient

  • Non-contact measurement (50 - 100 mm measuring distance)
  • Highly precise measurement down to 0.1 µm
  • Fast (<1 sec per measurement point)
  • Radar characteristics < 0.1 dB @79 GHz
  • Process reliable

Fully automated check

  • Measurement is fully automatic thanks to robots
  • Easy integration into existing production lines

Free choice of shape of the test object

  • Testing of different geometries possible
  • Independent of size

Easy integration

  • Measurement from one side allows easy component handling
  • Fully automatic alignment of the robot

Turnkey solution

  • In line unit
  • Offline unit
  • Separate measurement technology including integration
  • Flexible and requirement-based installation in your production line

Safety at the top

  • Terahertz waves are harmless to humans
  • No need for additional protective measures due to the radiation

Application examples

High-precision material characterization - tailor-made for your project

The possible uses of Terahertz are as diverse as its advantages. The automotive industry alone provides numerous options for testing, many of which overlap with other sectors. Possible application examples include:

  • Layer thickness measurement of paintwork on plastic and metal
  • Radar reflection and transmission measurement
  • Layer structure testing of molded parts such as dashboards
  • Fault detection in plastic parts
  • Testing coatings on ceramics
  • Thickness of coatings on fiber reinforced plastics
  • Multilayer Barriers & Substrate Thickness
  • Conductivity and layer thickness of coatings on fuel cells/batteries
  • & many more use cases


Surface inspections have long been standard in the automotive sector. Measuring the paint layer thickness of a component is a special task, since non-destructive measurement is difficult. For this purpose, a random sample of the batch is mechanically divided in order to then be able to carry out the necessary measurements and tests. Tested parts are therefore to be marked as scrap even if the measured values ​​are within the tolerance. The measurement of a complete layer structure takes place via terahertz contactless in seconds,

Terascope - Painting
Terascope - Paint film thickness measurement

where the thickness of each individual layer is output as a separate measured value. At the same time, the radar transmission and the radar reflection can be output for each individual layer and for the overall structure. Measurements can be made with an accuracy of up to 0.1 µm or 0.1 dB, which means that even minimal deviations from the target value become visible. All layers that are optically transparent to terahertz radiation, such as plastics, adhesives, conductive coatings, etc. can be measured,

whether they are complex structures of paint structures is irrelevant. In contrast to conventional methods, terahertz technology allows a faster and more adequate solution for testing a component, which takes place without any damage to the component. While Helmut Fischer GmbH thus provides a suitable process, thanks to our more than 25 years of experience in the field of measurement and testing technology, we also take care of the hardware development and optimal integration of the components in your company.

Terascope - Helmut Fischer GmbH

Helmut Fischer & ITgroup

"Measuring Made Easy". Under this motto, Helmut Fischer GmbH has been developing and manufacturing high-precision measuring devices for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and microhardness for industry and laboratories since 1953.

As a global technology leader, Helmut Fischer offers its customers a wide portfolio of measuring and analysis devices for various industries: from simple handheld devices for quick measurements on the go to fully integrated high-end systems that automatically monitor production.

The high-quality measuring systems of the medium-sized company headquartered in Sindelfingen can be found wherever high precision, reliability and easy handling are required. No matter whether for the automotive industry, electroplating, semiconductor industry, aerospace, medical technology, corrosion protection or precious metal analysis.

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