Testing equipment for door panels

A wide variety of electrical and mechanical components are used in door panels - starting with the mirror adjustment, the window lifters, seat adjustment and fuel tank request switches to the fastening elements such as rivets and retaining clips. The inspection of aesthetic components such as ambient lighting and various design surfaces, such as burl wood, can be realised by means of a camera inspection.

Is the guarantee of the obligation to provide proof and documentation to your end customer just as essential for you as ensuring your quality standards? Then a mounting and testing station specially designed by us for you is the right solution. Our development services with regard to testing technology and methodology are tailored precisely to your internal processes and requirements. We also offer flexible solutions for the handling of door panels. Starting with manual workstations, through semi-automated to fully automated systems, we make it possible. The components installed can be checked for all the required features, such as presence or function.

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Testing technology for door panels - C101
Testing technology for door panels - C10
Testing technology for door panels - C32

Customize iT - modular test equipment for door modules

We solve your test task. Fast. Reliable. Extendable. Inexpensive.

The modular system allows the intelligent combination of our proven modules to create customised overall systems. The high-quality construction allows subsequent expansion and sustainable reuse in follow-up projects.

In the development of testing technology for door panels we benefit from a long-term experience. We always find the right solution for your special requirements, holistically thought-out from integration into the process environment to damage-free component handling.

Our products for testing door side panels


Our cost-effective measuring system is suitable for testing a large number of electrical and electronic components in the industrial and automotive sectors, e.g. B. bumpers, door panels, seat adjusters, air conditioning components, sensors and actuators, consumer electronics, household appliances and medical technology.


The camera array is perfect for the reliable inspection of large-format components. The scan creates a digital version of the component in the form of a point cloud, which can then be compared with a sample part. In this way, even the smallest deviations or deformations of the workpiece can be detected.

Test scopes

  • Control modules and switches
    • Window lifters
    • Door interlock
    • Trunk opener
    • Mirror adjustment
    • Mirror heating
    • Memory seat adjustment
  • Variant features
    • Loudspeaker manufacturer
    • Decorative mouldings
    • Painting
    • Differentiation of the cable harness/cable set
  • Heating elements
    • Armrest
    • Door panel
  • Lightning
    • Key and switch lightning
    • Alarm system
    • Ambient lightning
    • Exit light
    • Logo light
  • Loudspeakers
  • Scope of assembly
    • Mounting clips
    • Screws
    • Spring nuts
    • Holding clamps
    • Expanding rivets
    • Rivets
    • and many more

Customize iT

Module 1: Contacting

The key point of the test is the connector or socket of the cable harness that is designed by the manufacturer for a very limited number of connection cycles.

For this reason, the necessary counterpart - our contacting adapter - is of central importance for this application to guarantee a reliable and sustainable test.

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Module 2: Fixture

In the field of fixtures, there is a wide variety of customer requirements. In one case it is required to integrate the testing technology directly into an assembly fixture, other customers require a separate testing station. A completely automated and self-sufficient test line is particularly suitable for volume models due to extremely short cycle times. The range of variants we offer has already proven itself over many years in a wide variety of production lines.

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Module 3: Test equipment

The amount of electronics in door panels is constantly increasing due to rising demands on the comfort and design of the interior.
Although TIER 1 suppliers and OEMs receive the electronic components required for this purpose from their upstream suppliers in 100% tested condition, the sensitive components can suffer defects during installation. These impairments can lead to cost-intensive recall campaigns, especially for safety-relevant components. For this reason, a renewed inspection of the components to exclude defects and for documentation purposes is extremely important for our customers.
Often a simple installation or presence check is not sufficient. The manufacturers of the individual components prescribe exactly how the components are to be tested. Our modular testing technology supports you here by covering all the necessary testing scenarios.

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Module 4: Software

Our software is the central switch point of your test station. It ensures that the test procedures work correctly and that the measured values are processed. It guides the operator through the test process and visualises the test results. All settings and processes are freely configurable and menu-guided. This means that the software for controlling test sequences, handling and robot control can be extended in a modular manner.

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