Testing equipment for bumpers

The front and rear bumpers in modern vehicles contain a large number of safety, comfort an assistance systems. In addition to classic lighting, they also include various combinations of sensors, actuators and other electronic parts. ITronic develops and manufactures assembly and testing stations that guarantee your internal quality assurance and the verification and documentation duties toward your end customers.

We adapt both test equipment and also testing methods specially to your circumstances and wishes. We offer all options when handling the bumpers ranging from manual solutions, semi-automatic solutions and also fully automatic solutions. The parts can be tested for presence, function or other criteria.

Our know-how is now installed in hundreds of systems in the bumper testing field.

  • E-check and variant control
  • Visual inspection
    • Installation, variants, colour
    • Photo documentation
  • Parking assistant
    • Distance sensor (PDC/APS)
    • Park Control Assistant (PLA)
  • Lights
    • (Fog) headlight - halogen, xenon, LED
    • Actuator cornering light
    • Rear spotlights
    • Rear fog lamp
    • Indicator
    • Sidemarker
  • Radar
    • Short range radar NBR
    • Mid Range Radar MRR
    • Long Range Radar LRR
    • Adaptive Cruise Control ACC
    • Forward Collision Warning FCW
    • Lane change assistant SWA
    • Blind Spot Monitoring BSM, BSM+, iBSM
  • Cameras
    • Front camera
    • Reversing camera
    All-round camera
    • Area View Camera AVC
    • Top View Camera TVC
    • Night Vision Camera NVC
  • Various sensors
    • Pedestrian protection sensor, hose (FGS/P-SAT)
    • Acceleration sensors (G-SAT)
    • Hands-free access (HFA), Virtual pedal (VIP)
    • Garage door opener (UGDO)
    • Laser scanner
    • Temperature sensor
    • LIDAR
  • LTE/Bluetooth Antenna
  • Cool air regulation
  • Headlight cleaning system (SRA)
  • Variant features
    • Emblem, radiator grille, trims
    • Painting
    • Differentiation cable harness/cable set
    • Registration plate trims
    • ...
  • Assembly scopes
    • Attachment clips
    • Screws
    Spring nut
    • Holding clips
    • Expanding rivets, rivets
    • ...