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Zyfra MDCplus

High-level products from Zyfra: Your technological competitive advantage for process control and monitoring

Zyfra - Data acquisition

Fully automatic data acquisition and processing

  • Fast and easy integration
  • Preparation of the data for AI and ML solutions & generation of their digital twins
  • Creation of a cross-departmental process data structure for your company
Zyfra - High Connectivity

Connectivity to any equipment and sensors

  • Direct software interface to many common CNC machines
  • Interfaces to different robots (Fanuc, Kuka, ...)
  • Connectivity over OPC-UA, Moxa, Schneider, OPC-DA, Phoenix,...
  • PLC controls like Siemens, Omron ...

Sustainable solution prepared for the future

  • Lasting conservation of resources
  • Reduction of production & energy costs
  • Increase in production rate & competitiveness
  • improvement of quality
  • Reduction of downtime & personnel expenses
  • Evidence for sustainability reports

Real-time analysis and retrievability - worldwide and at any time

  • Connect to almost any mobile device
  • Reducing the time spent maintaining your infrastructure
  • Fast coverage of your administrative tasks, shortening your completion times for local tasks
  • Toolkit includes development, deployment, testing & monitoring environments
  • Embedding of current IT developments in the process landscape
  • Web toolkit for developing dashboards, mnemonics and business charts

Central databases

  • Collection, storage and management of data
  • Perfect environment for developing in-house business applications
  • Services for managing and controlling security-related processes
  • Ready-to-use platform for rapid integration, with all the tools needed to manage the lifecycle of IT systems

Maximum flexibility

  • Customized functions and reports
  • Infrastructure for accessing a wide variety of data sources
  • Tools for developing business applications
  • By default, MDCplus includes many tools for quickly generating individual solutions
  • Mature software, tried and tested in a wide range of applications and hundreds of installations

Company-wide process optimization par excellence

Zyfra Industrial IoT Platform

Zyfra offers a unified, digital platform that contains all the components required for development and implementation. The processed and provided data form the basis for objective decisions, for example for:

  • Production planning
  • Device control
  • Quality control
  • Optimization of material consumption
  • Energetic balance
  • Model optimization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine learning

Zyfra MDCplus 

MDCplus was developed to remotely track processes, systems and personnel deployment. Real-time notifications enable you to react quickly or proactively to trends or plan deviations. Downloadable, customizable real-time reports allow you to objectively evaluate and transparently trace events and machine data. The system is the ultimate upgrade for your production management and an excellent basis for evaluating and increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), as well as sustainably reducing costs.

Zyfra - MDC Plus Overview
Zyfra - MDC Plus Overview 2

Regardless of the size of the company, the monitoring of industrial plants is an indispensable tool in today's Industry 4.0 market. MDCplus is most effective in a network with at least 10 machines. The evaluation system for industrial plants was specially developed to refine your own manufacturing processes and to optimize the production process with verifiable improvements and reductions. Core of the system: A real-time machine tracking software. This allows you to examine the entire production process of a machine, both from the client and server side. That's how 

a station's work history can be reviewed and adjusted, report summaries can then be downloaded in the form of tables or graphs. Integrated predictive maintenance: the artificial intelligence detects and predicts various anomalies and notifies you so that you can take timely action before the quality of the parts produced is affected. The starting point for this is the integrated module for machine learning to generate a prediction model for the part quality from the analysis of the collected data, based on the transmitted information of the equipment.

Zyfra - Logo

In addition to pure process monitoring, MDCplus includes many other functions such as management and provision of maintenance instructions directly on the production plant, video tutorials, monitoring and documentation of maintenance or prescribed inspections / cleaning cycles through to direct video monitoring in the event of a fault - of course GDPR compliant and with the appropriate authorization structure.
MDCplus works preferably as a local installation within your IT infrastructure without access from/to the outside, alternatively as a cloud application on an external server. For the greatest possible convenience, MCDplus is used remotely to enable a convenient analysis from your desk, completely independent of time and location.

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Zyfra & ITgroup

Zyfra develops and programs digital industrial solutions based on the scalable ZIIoT platform. As a sales partner in Germany, we take care of the integration into your production, as well as service issues related to IT and hardware. In conjunction with our expertise, we develop and integrate the hardware/software for connecting your existing production systems. Our common goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your production through the use of the latest technologies. We help you to secure your competitive edge.

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