• Light, Camera, Action:
    Reliable lighting check in seconds

Ambient light testing

Reliable test results - tailored to your production line

Comprehensive range of functions

  • Reliable testing of directly and indirectly visible lighting (light intensity & homogeneity)
  • Positioning & assembly check
  • Precise identification of light functions (contour, brightness & colors)
  • Determination of assembly and component defects (hairline cracks, scratches, deformation, contamination...)

Technical details

  • High-resolution camera sensors and lenses (from industrial cameras to luminance cameras)
  • Short test time of max. 2-3 seconds
  • Resolution better than 10 px/mm possible
  • Small camera distances ensure compact solutions
  • Minimal financial outlay regarding the cameras

Turnkey solution

  • Available as a stand alone device or complete system (in-line, off-line or end-of-line)
  • Separate measurement technology including integration
  • Flexible and requirement-based installation in your production line

Optional Extensions

  • Reliable presence check (clips, screws, rivets,...)
  • Reliable variant check (leather covering, seams, color, ...)
  • Checking electronic components for presence and variant (also via BUS communication)
  • Photo documentation for quality assurance

Application examples

Highest quality standards in ambient lighting tests

Lighting inspection technology allows to detect even the smallest defects. Just like our other solutions, all test systems in the area of ​​ambient light testing are modular, which allows for precise individualization according to your requirements.

Possible use cases:

  • Ambient light in door panels
  • Emblem lighting
  • Molding lighting
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Cockpit lighting
Ambient light testing - Ambient light

Precise and fast error detection

Detection of the finest cracks - simulated in the example by a hair

Simulation of a tiny surface defect under direct lighting: Although the crack (50 µm) is barely visible to the human eye, we can detect the defect with the help of our inspection technology.

Ambient light testing - Hairline fracture

Detection of homogeneity fluctuations

Simulated by a transparent plastic band

Simulation of a transparent contamination with indirect lighting: A simulated foreign body, which selectively weakens the light intensity and at the same time creates an unpleasant scattered light, can be filtered out during the test process and displayed in the diagram.

Ambient light testing - Homogenity test

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