Contact-free crack and pore test on smooth surfaces.

Contact-free tasks require special solutions. In addition to marketable sensors, the ITgroup also develops its own sensors for specific customers or manufactures them under licence.

For instance, firs the first time the patented turbulence sensor allow the automatic testing of surface quality of any materials to check for cracks and pores from a crack with of 30 μm, e.g. on laser welds. The durable sensor can be used directly under difficult industrial production conditions (heat, moisture lubricants, ...) in the process environment. All the analysis electronics are already integrated in the sensor; a direct connection to process control systems is possible. Compared to other surface testing procedures, the sensor offers high performance at an extremely low price-performance ratio.

  • Turbulence sensor
  • Camera-based systems (shape from shading)
  • 3D laser scanner