• Revolutionary solutions for image processing:
    Optical 2D & 3D inspections in seconds

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Reliable 2D and 3D inspection of large-format components - for matt, glossy and metallic surfaces




  • Light field has proven to be a process-reliable method in industrial use
  • Excellent for matt, glossy and metallic surfaces
Fast measurement

Fast test results in a few seconds

  • Integrated processing pipeline & photo documentation, 2D and 3D image evaluation
  • Multi-exposure image acquisition, point cloud and CAD mesh generation, 3D alignment
  • Measurement against reference CAD or recording
  • Optional : Integration of machine learning and AI-supported evaluations
Single capture

One camera array for everything

  • Recordings from one side ensure easy component handling
  • 2D & 3D images with just one shot
  • Fully automatic creation of high-resolution 3D data
Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution

  • In line unit
  • Offline unit
  • Separate measurement technology including integration
  • Flexible and requirement-based installation in your production line
No lasers

No laser, infrared or flash light

  • No need for additional protection devices
  • Reduced ambient light influence
  • No health risks for people
Flexible Parameterization

Flexible parameterization

  • A wide variety of configurations allow the testing of workpieces of all shapes and sizes
  • Acquisition of object volumes 100x100x100 mm up to 2000x1000x1000 mm with high resolution in X/Y and Z

Application examples

Optical 2D & 3D tests - fast, simple, reliable

Our compact array comes standard with 13 high-resolution camera lenses. The special arrangement enables products and their point clouds to be reliably imaged with just a single shot. The combination with our "NeuroCheck 3D" image processing software allows complex testing and measuring tasks to be implemented efficiently and reliably.

  • Testing for component deformation and comparison with the CAD model
  • 3D matching and defect detection
  • 3D dimensional checks
  • Photo documentation
  • Gap measurements
  • Combined 2D and 3D component/presence checks
  • & many more use cases


The 3D scan of large-format components, including subsequent comparison with a sample part, makes it possible to detect even the smallest deviations such as deformations or dents. Although the digital transformation of a workpiece into three-dimensional data enables an extremely precise part comparison, it is also one of the most demanding inspection methods. In order to be able to use the process optimally, special environmental conditions (e.g. lighting, isolation from extraneous light) are normally necessary. For most production facilities, such requirements can hardly or not at all be met,

LumIT - Door Module
LumIT - Point cloud

which is why the introduction is not considered profitable. Here we offer a universal solution with our LumIT XL / XXL, ideally suited for a wide variety of production lines. Camera arrays capture an image of the component from different angles. These geometric properties are then converted into pixels. The combination of these points in a "point cloud" then creates a true-to-scale 3D image of the workpiece. This image can then be compared with a reference component or CAD data. By default, Lumit is available in two different

Versions, both as an XL and as an XXL variant. The two options differ technically in the properties: camera resolution, point-to-point distance, accuracy of the calibration and the temporal Z-noise. You can call up the exact values ​​for this in the data sheet at the bottom of the page. The expertise of our cooperation partner HD Vision provides the necessary basic software, while we, with our more than 25 years of experience in the field of measurement and testing technology, supply the hardware and software solution and ensure the optimal integration of the components in your company .

LumIT - HDVision

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HD Vision & ITgroup

HD Vision Systems supports manufacturing companies in all questions of industrial image processing based on light field technology and deep learning, giving partners quick and easy access to vision-guided robotics and quality control. Regardless of whether quality inspection, handling of workpieces or 3D scanning: Thanks to the unique combination of hardware and software, detailed image information can be read from the generated point clouds. Coupled with artificial intelligence and deep learning, this results in powerful image processing solutions for industry.

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