Testing equipment for radar sensors

Test equipment for active safety systems requires extensive know-how for implementing test requirements. ITronic has been developing testing systems for manufacturers and OEMs of these technologies for many years. A wide performance range and experience in the field of bus communication, measuring methods for physical product properties, operating conditions, installation and part identification is the basis for careful implementation of your testing tasks by our specialists.

Radar sensors are used in various industries. The application fields for these sensors in autonomous vehicles is growing so that there are a large number of different types that need to undergo 100% testing due to their safety-relevant applications.

  • Short range radar NBR
  • Mid Range Radar MRR
  • Long Range Radar LRR
  • Adaptive Cruise Control ACC
  • Forward Collision Warning FCW
  • Lane change assistant SWA
  • Blind Spot Monitoring BSM, BSM+, iBSM

    Test scopes:
  • Frequency range
  • Transmission
  • Reflectiveness
  • Dispersion across the Radom area