• E-CheckIT

E-CheckIT - Universal measuring system for
electrical inspection and test applications

Resistance and current measurements are indispensable in many areas of industry. The intelligent E-CheckIT measuring module automatically records all required resistance and current measurements as well as resulting data such as component presence or non-assembly countercheck. 16 analogue channels are available to meet the diverse requirements of your quality assurance. Extensions, customer-specific special functions and firmware updates are conveniently realised via the existing Ethernet interface. Our unique, patent-pending Pick-To-Light RGB contacting adapter enables ergonomic, interactive user guidance and result visualisation. This eliminates the need for screens in harsh test environments.

With the E-CheckIT we provide a cost-efficient measuring system for electrical inspection and test applications in production and development. The existing software interfaces allow easy integration into your existing assembly stations and test benches. E-CheckIT can be used as an independent test system (stand-alone application) or modularly integrated into higher-level control systems or test systems.

E-CheckIT is the optimal solution for your specific requirements due to its flexible application possibilities and the variety of options available. The proven functionality includes the practical experience of hundreds of applications in the testing of electrical components in the industrial environment.

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Test scopes
  • Current and resistance measurement
  • Presence of electrical components
  • Variant identification and control
  • Pick-To-Light RGB contacting adapter
  • Barcode scanner
  • Label printer
  • Variant management
  • Measurement and process data transfer
  • Reference check
  • Calibration certificate
  • further see data sheet
Fields of application
  • Automotive assemblies such as door panels, bumpers, steering column switch modules or electric seat adjusters
  • Household appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power tools
  • Medical devices