• Self learning with artificial intelligence: lightweight robots and cobots - seamlessly integrated into your production line



Safe, flexible and self-learning: DOBOT's collaborative industrial robots

Easy to install -
Easy to learn -
Easy to operate

  • Easy to install and ready to use
  • Intuitive and easy to understand thanks to graphical programming
  • Intelligent Interactive Terminal Panel: handheld learning and debugging within one application
  • Real-time control on your mobile phone via the PAD Smart Terminal app minimizes delays and increases interference immunity

Safety as a key component

  • Sensory skin enables contactless interaction with the worker (detection distance 5 - 15 cm)
  • Combined safety protection measures based on electromagnetism, force limitation and optical monitoring
  • Dynamic real-time environment monitoring
  • Perfect interaction between obstacle detection and online path planning with the aid of artificial intelligence

Flexible, Innovative & Future-proof

  • Plug and Play
  • Time and cost savings through highly efficient integration
  • Intelligent adaptation to tailor-made tasks
  • High compatibility with common end effectors and accessories
  • Fast changeovers enable adapted and flexible production

Smart, Interactive & Productive

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Solid construction and long service life
  • Contactless and safe collaboration between man and machine

Safe, flexible and self-learning

DOBOTs CR Collaborative Robot Series

As one of the world's leading suppliers of intelligent industrial robots, DOBOT has already secured a decisive role in the manufacturing industry. The lightweight robot arms can be seamlessly integrated into production and effectively support industrial customers with integrated artificial intelligence in counteracting problems such as rising wages, a shortage of skilled workers and bottlenecks. Thanks to the flexible integration, DOBOTs can be used in a wide variety of areas:

  • Automotive industry
  • Hardware construction & consumer electronics
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Semiconductors
  • Retail trade


DOBOTs are just as flexible in how they are used as in their variety. Depending on use, different models are available in a wide variety of variants: from fast pick and place solutions to lightweight models the size of an A4 page. Since the company was founded six years ago, it has always been able to develop in-house solutions, especially in the areas of a wide variety of key technologies. Always one step ahead, new products and new, smart production standards ensure optimal support in every industrial company.

DOBOT - M1 Pro

Thanks to the flexible application options of the industrial robots in a wide variety of branches of industry, both simple and complex tasks can be taken over fully automatically after a minimum of training time. Depending on the attachment, logistical tasks such as arranging, loading and unloading can be taken on as well as manual activities such as welding, screwing or mixing liquids. In compliance with applicable hygiene regulations, even work with food can be carried out.

Even with minimal robotics or programming knowledge, the industrial robots can be trained for simple activities. However, the Plug & Play approach not only enables simple assembly, but also a simple way of adapting for a wide variety of scenarios. From the simple gripper to the image check via sensor to tools such as screwdrivers from a wide variety of brands, a quick changeover can be carried out at any time, safely and without any effort.


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DOBOT & ITgroup

As a sales partner in Hungary, we are the first point of contact for the integration of industrial robots into your production. As part of the after-sales service, we also take care of the maintenance of your cobot. In cooperation with DOBOT, we ensure your competitive advantage in terms of automation and enable you to easily get started with Industry 4.0.

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