Innovation in the field of measuring and testing technology: patent application for contact-integrated visualisation tool


The patented device changes the rules of the game when it comes to visualising measurement and test results. It consists of integrating a multi-colour LED visualisation tool directly into the contacting adapter. This visualisation tool makes it possible to display test status, test results and even instructions for action in a way never seen before.

Advantages at a glance:

Space saving: Unlike conventional visualisation tools, which often require additional space, our patented contacting adapter is seamlessly integrated into the test process without imposing additional requirements on the operating environment.

Direct detectability: Due to the LED display element at the cable outlet, the test status or the test result can be directly detected without detours. This enables a faster and more precise reaction to measurement results.

Increased efficiency: The integration of visualisation technology in the contacting adapter enables the worker to directly follow and implement instructions for action without having to consult additional displays or devices.