Donations for the Müllerfond

In cooperation with Jörg Lippold Gastroservice we donated a total of 150€ to the Müller-Fond of Erdmannhausen. The majority of the sum came together on the Kirbesonntag 2016, where we put our coffeemaker at display and gave away coffee only asking for a donation.

"It is good to see that even our citizens, who are not on the sunny side of life, will not be forgotten." Mayor Mrs. Hannemann said about the donation.

The "Müller-Fonds" is a small social fund of the municipality of Erdmannhausen, named after the first donor. With this money, the administration can quickly and unbureaucratically help citizens who are in desperate need of money or who had a hard fate. For example, the "Müller Fund" has already enabled many children to participate in schooltrips, which would otherwise have had to stay at home.