We CAN do this! - We appeared online in the CAN newsletter

Switches, Top-Column modules

The ITgroup can also do CAN - this is the message of the article that recently appeared in the "CAN Newsletter online" about the CastleIT bus node that we developed:

The use of CastleIT in a CAN bus system is described using the example of the service life test of steering column switch modules (Top Column Modules). The advantage: A large number of test items can be individually controlled within the test setup, or their individual test parameters can be evaluated and recorded separately. As a result, CastleIT leads to an efficient and effective assurance of product quality for the customer.

The ITgroup also offers solutions for combined tests on components with CAN/LIN and FlexRay interfaces for mixed bus systems based on CAPL-programmed vector nodes.

You can find more information about our test technology for switches and top-column modules in our download area Our team of experts is also available to you personally.