Counteract the skills shortage - prepare the youth for the future

As a medium-sized company, the Itgroup is also increasingly feeling the shortage of skilled workers. In order to counteract this, we too place an ever greater focus on the training of our offspring. At present, three trainees in our company are studying in the training occupations "Electronics Technicians for Equipment and Systems" and "Specialist Systems Integrator". Two of them will continue their studies in the company as part of the cooperative study model even after their training. They are constantly looked after by their two instructors, Tobias Wiesebrock and Niels Krause.
Our trainees are directly integrated into the current projects and thus get to know the working day in a practical way and in all its aspects. They are fully integrated in the team and have the opportunity to get to know versatile tasks in a family atmosphere. At the end of your apprenticeship the apprentices should be able to work on their own responsibility and solve problems independently and innovatively. "We hope to train competent, dynamic and motivated professionals and to take over these later, so that our company can continue to be innovative and successful," says Ingmar Troniarsky, the owner and managing director of Itronic Gmbh.
Since we work in the field of measuring, testing and automation technology with the most modern and future-oriented technologies, our trainees have the opportunity to get to know them and thus to receive a sound and modern education.
With the motto "the best way to predict the future beforehand is to design it" (Peter Drucker), we are happy to invest in our offspring and thus in the future