• Optical control with maximum flexibility


The software programmed by us ensures that processes are carried out correctly and that the process data is adequately documented. With their help, the operator can be safely accompanied through the handling and / or testing process. The results can then be easily visualized. The settings and processes can be flexibly parameterized via the menu. Thus it is possible to expand the software for the control of processes, for the handling or the robot control in a modular way.

Variant 1: RoboControl

In order to guarantee the correct and efficient operation of your system, flawlessly programmed software is essential in addition to the hardware components. The RoboControl software takes care of the movement and control of the robot, allowing it to carry out its assigned task properly.

Variant 2: TST-WIN testsoftware

The TST-WIN software offers various options for controlling the test bench (similar to a PLC control) and can be expanded in a modular way with connected testing, handling, camera technology and robotics, among other things. Depending on your wishes, there is also the option of adapting the visualization and the design for you. The behavior of the test bench depends on the variant and can be configured in many ways. The test process can be started in different ways, for example by scanning a barcode, an RFID signal, contacting (all required) cable harness connectors, touchscreen operation, the control box or a higher-level process control.

Our TST-WIN is supported by a remote maintenance module as standard, which ensures remote access for our service staff or software developers for diagnosis or expansion.

Variant 3: ITDB & viTronic database system

The test result data is stored in a database via the ITDB module. The in-house developed viTronic software module offers easy and clear access to the collected data, including various functions for evaluating and displaying documentation for quality management. This includes, among other things:

  •  Log of parameter changes
  •  Statistical evaluations: numerically and graphically (most common errors, histograms of the measured values ​​and/or error causes)
  •  Measured values ​​of individual tests based on the serial number
  •  Evaluation of incorrect parts
  •  Machine capability study with evaluation, display of individual values ​​and print function
  •  Graphic display of the measured values ​​as a line diagram for individual measured values, daily averages and daily standard deviations.
  •  Filter options by period and number of items in all evaluations