• Optical control with maximum flexibility


The selected robot represents the core of your RoboInspector. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the field of collaborative robotics, a large number of manufacturers are available to you. Fully adapted to the conditions in your process line, thanks to the advice and support of our technical and sales staff, you will find the perfect robot for you, whether you are already an expert in this field or just want to get started.


Variant 1: Bosch APAS

Together with our partner Bosch-Rexroth, we offer our RoboInspector as a unique solution for collaborative operation (BG-certified). The cooperation between robot and employee is contactless thanks to the unique APAS sensor skin. When requested, the skin can also be installed certain models from "KUKA" and "Fanuc". As a reliable system integrator and business partner, we ensure that the robot is properly installed and set up in your process line. Both the "stand" model and the mobile version are available for you to choose from and can be freely configured.
If you would like to know more about the topic of "collaborative robotics", you can check on our website and on the Bosch Rexroth website.

 Collaborative robotics at ITgroup   Homepage of Bosch Rexroth

Variant 2: FANUC

Furthermore, we also offer the models from the company "Fanuc" as an option from our product portfolio. As part of our many years of cooperation with the manufacturer, we have been able to develop a wide range of know-how with its high-quality models. The qualitative lead will be reflected when the RoboInspector is installed in your production line.

Variant 3: KUKA

We have also already integrated the variants from the manufacturer "KUKA" into a wide variety of customer projects. These models were used both in the field of image processing activities and for testing the feel of steering column switch modules. The global company is a long-standing business partner for us, whose products form a reliable foundation for your RoboInspector.

Variant 4: Universal Robots

We have been purchasing the articles from "Universal Robots" for decades by now and have been able to install them in many of our test systems. The models UR3/e, UR5/e, UR10/e and UR16/e thus offer a field-tested basis for the RoboInspector. We have already been able to demonstrate our experience and expertise in installing the company's cobots in a wide variety of projects.

Variant 5: DOBOT

For a short time we have been the official sales partner for DOBOT in the Hungarian region. DOBOTs are characterized above all by their simple operation and are therefore ideally suited as a basis for the Roboinspector, but can of course also be used for other projects.

Variant 6: Robot as requested

Do you already have your own idea or would you like to use a brand that has not yet been mentioned? We will also solve this task in your interest. During our career we have already worked with many well-known manufacturers and gained extensive experience. No matter which brand you have in mind: Your dream robot can be used for this and programmed according to your requirements.