• Optical control with maximum flexibility

Robot-based handling, processing and testing

Module 1: Gripper, testing technology and material processing

Continuous flexibility that doesnt require any breaks: The robot used represents the core of your project. It can be expanded and connected with a wide variety of components. Exactly according to your ideas, we can optimally program the robot's operational sequences in order to find a solution for every problem.

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Module 2: Mounting options

A type of installation that is tailored to the conditions in its environment is just as much a decisive property of a product as its performance. With three different installation options, the RoboInspector will be as suitable as possible integrated into your process landscape. Whether as a mobile unit, permanently installed or on the ceiling to save space: A tailor-made solution for your production and test environment is guaranteed.

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Module 3: Robot

The selected robot represents the core of your RoboInspector. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the field of collaborative robotics, a large number of manufacturers are available to you. Fully adapted to the conditions in your process line, thanks to the advice and support of our technical and sales staff, you will find the perfect robot for you, whether you are already an expert in this field or just want to get started.


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Module 4: Software

The software programmed by us ensures that processes are carried out correctly and that the process data is adequately documented. With their help, the operator can be safely accompanied through the handling and / or testing process. The results can then be easily visualized. The settings and processes can be flexibly parameterized via the menu. Thus it is possible to expand the software for the control of processes, for the handling or the robot control in a modular way.

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