Testing equipment for bumpers

The front and rear bumpers in modern vehicles contain a large number of safety, comfort and assistance systems. In addition to classic lighting, various combinations of sensors, actuators and other electronic parts are also used there.

With an assembly and test station developed and manufactured by the ITgroup you can secure your quality standards and meet all verification and documentation duties toward your end customers. Our development work is based on providing test equipment and methods that are specially tailored to your circumstances and requirements. We offer a wide variety of options when handling the bumpers ranging from manual solutions, semi-automatic solutions and also fully automatic solutions. The components can be checked with respect to presence, function and other necessary criteria.<br/>  

Modular kit

To date, we have created more than 250 test units and systems for bumper testing. Our technical know-how has not only grown in the technical field, but also with respect to the needs of our customers. We have used this know-how to design a modular kit that allows easy entry into the world of bumper testing. The available options can be expanded infinitely using other, specifically required modules.

Thanks to our unique modular design, you, as our customer, can profit from a well-designed and reliable solution for bumper testing.

Module 1: Contacting

The key point of the test is the connector or socket of the cable harness that is designed by the manufacturer for a very limited number of connection cycles.

For this reason, the necessary counterpart, our contacting adapter, is of central importance for this application to guarantee a reliable and sustainable test.

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Module 2: Fixture

Customers have various wishes with respect to fixtures. Some customers want the test equipment integrated directly into the assembly device, other customers require a separate test station. A completely automated and independent test line is highly suitable for volume models thank to the extremely low cycle times. The range of models we supply has proven itself in a wide variety of production lines for many years.

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Module 3: Test equipment

The amount of electronics in the bumper is continuously increasing thanks to stricter safety standards and the emergence of autonomous driving.
Although the parts required for this have all undergone 100% testing before they are sent to the TIER 1 suppliers and OEMs, sensitive parts can become faulty during installation or when painted. These impairments can lead to cost-intensive recall actions especially with respect to safety-relevant parts. For this reason, retesting of the components to eliminate faults and for customer documentation is extremely important.
A simple installation and presence check is often insufficient. The manufacturers of the individual components stipulate precisely how components need to be tested. Our modular test equipment will help you by covering all necessary test scenarios.

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Module 4: Software

Our software is the central switch point of your test station. It ensures that the test processes function correctly and that the measured values are processed. It guides the operator through the test process and visualises the test results. All settings and processes are menu-controlled and can be configured freely. This means that the software for controlling test processes, and handling through to robot control can be extended in a modular fashion.

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