What makes us special as your employer

Successful since 1994

Our family-run company looks back on more than 20 years of
successful company history.
What began as a venture on only 60 square meters is now an
Established group of four medium-sized Companies.
We have preserved ourselves, a hierarchical structure
and a personal atmosphere.

We start where others stop

High-tech, innovative special solutions form our core
competence. Our idea forge constantly develops new,
individual measurement, testing and automation technology
specially made for our customers  requests.
The daily challenges drive us forward and inspire us to
think different.

Full speed ahead into the future

Thinkers, drivers, practitioners and specialists work with commitment
and technical affinity with far-sighted ideas and advance developments
for the technologies of tomorrow.
This is our motto:
"On new paths to the top".
This way, we also secure a firm place in the market for the future.

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